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  7. Hate (at Work)


  8. whitedenimmusic:

    Last night WD was the musical guest on Conan. Check out their performance of “At Night In Dreams” above.


  9. jtotheizzoe:


    These fun illustrations by Norbert Mayer celebrate animals that have traveled in space.

    O fishy traveller, what secrets have you seen?

    Interesting thing that may not actually be a thing, but I thought I’d point it out anyway:

    See that 5-pointed star shape that Mayer includes in all these? Looks a lot like the Chinese symbol for  and the Kanji dai, both meaning “big”, which is an apt symbol to represent spacey things.

    The symbol itself is an ideogram of a man’s outstretched arms, as if space was welcoming these animal explorers, no?

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  10. I love my city.


  11. Something doesn’t seem right with Digs.


  12. 50 Stunning Photos That Made Us Appreciate Space in 2013
    H.Q. Roosevelt, rsvlts.com

    The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken
    Earth from Beyond Saturn Taken by Cassini on July 19, 2013
    Photographer Ben Cooper captures the launch of LADEE as it heads to Earth’s Moon aboard Minotaur V, as seen against the New York skyline from…

    This is awesome.


  13. One too many cocktails on Christmas Eve.


  14. Three straight hours of playing and this happens.


  15. Fender Christmas Eve.